Murder Mystery

In Murder Mystery there are 3 roles: innocent, murderer and detective. In each round there is one detective and one murderer, all the other players are innocent. The detective or the innocents must kill the murderer as fast as possible, or he will kill them.


In Bedwars you must defend your bed against other players. With bronze, iron and gold you can buy items from the shop for defending your bed or killing other players.

Mario Party

In Mario Party you can play different minigames but you will need a lot of skills and luck.

MLG Rush

Do you rush in Bedwars? You think you can make block safes better than other players? Than try out mlgrush!


In JumpLeague you will test out your jumping and running skills - try not to fall off. Challenge your friends now to see who has the best skills!

Aura PE

In Aura, you will get a knockback stick, a few ender pearls and some food to survive. You must battle with other players, and to win you just need to knock as many players as you can down from the islands.


Skywars is a fun minigame where players spawn on a Island and then they must kill their opponents to succeed - the last man standing wins.

Lucky Skywars

LuckySkywars is just like Skywars, but with lucky blocks. Do you have what it takes to win? Try your luck now!

Master Builders

Do you think that you're the best builder? Challenge yourself in Master Builders to see what other people think of your skills. The person with the best build wins.


In GunGame you will need alot of PvP skills to kill your enemies. Remember, everyone is your enemy. With every kill you get, the better equiped you will be.


QSG is just like Survival Games - but faster. Smaller maps, random spawns, better items and more. May the odds be ever in your favour!

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Party System

Do you want to play with your friends but you never end up in the same game? You can use our party system, if you use it every player in your party will automatically join the same game as you.

Friend System

Do you want to see if your friend is online or offline? Find out by using /friend!


With our coin system you can buy gadgets in the Lobby, Skywars kits and other things too! You can earn coins by winning games, killing players etc.

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